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About A*N*O*S



A Nation of Sisters is here for young ladies to find STRONG shoulders to stand on! We desire that as we network, build and grow mentoring relationships will develop and flourish. We hope that the younger generation will build and strengthen their own shoulders and be ready to pass to torch to the next generations. We will talk to women in Ministry, Education, First Responders, Corporate Board Rooms, Medicine, Sports, Military, Politics, Local/State Government and so much more!

Join us as we embark upon this exciting journey each month. You can find A Nation of Sisters on WIDU 1600AM/ 99.7FM on Wednesday at 5:00 PM. You can also catch up with us on FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube.

ANOS offers motivational speaking, Conferences, Mentor programs, life coaching and monthly interviews of women in leadership and rising female leaders. WANOS encompasses everything that is good and pure of a female. She is not a black crab. She actually pushes you into your purpose. Her life encourages and inspire at the same time. She doesn’t build just for herself but with the knowledge that she is building for others coming up. She plans so that another can execute with ease. This organization is built with leaders to build leaders...